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Internal Rhyme is a one of a kind hip-hop visionary. Born in the heart of Philadelphia, he has developed a persona driven by cultural diversity, social justice, and incredible lyricism, as learned from the surrounding individuals in his city. Raised in Cheltenham, PA, the same bordering town that birthed hip-hop sensation Lil Dicky, Rhyme was able to remain relevant in the Philly hip-hop scene throughout the entirety of his career. IR is a perfectly balanced scale, giving listeners a variety of topics to remain intrigued. One single may be vain and ignorant, with the follow up being introspective and conscious. It’s rare to find music that keeps you so high on your toes. 

“Grew up the only child, loved by my mother dear. But if we ain’t connect, there was no other ear.” These powerful lines lay the tone for Internal Rhyme’s latest EP, “Only Child.” In an attempt to open his life story to the world, Only Child is a four-track preview of IR’s developmental years. While only 14 minutes long, the project is sonically diverse, with two notable features from A Day Without Love and St._Ephen. It’s important to note that this is the first public collaboration between Rhyme and St._Ephen since their 2015 smash “Little Things.” The EP is exclusively produced by Digital Crates, and has a wide range of instrumental influence. By the end of this musical journey, ironically, the only child learns he’s not alone.

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